Serolo Safaris
A beautiful Danish-owned lodge located a short drive from The Kruger National Park.

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This is Africa
Experience the serenity of the wild in luxurious comfort.

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We have a simple concept:
This is what makes us different!

We curate a daily itinerary based on your preferences

Tailor your experience with us—whether it's the thrill of adventure, the tranquility of relaxation, or the richness of cultural exploration. Your journey, your way.

Food and Drinks
are all inclusive

Relish worry-free indulgence with our all-inclusive dining. From delectable meals to refreshing beverages, every bite is seamlessly included in your overall package.
Elevate your stay with the freedom to savor the finest in dining, hassle-free.

Enjoy a stress-free vacation. We handle everything

From curated activities to personalized service, your experience is designed for pure enjoyment. Unwind and indulge in a worry-free escape where every moment is crafted with your comfort in mind.


Embark on a wild adventure with our safari tours. From helicopter rides to cultural dances and much more.

The thrill knows no bounds.

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Every unforgettable safari experience lies in the details, and our carefully crafted packages are designed to captivate your senses and indulge your spirit of adventure.

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